Saddle soap, as its name suggests, was created to clean leather saddles. Every company uses a different formulation, and most (including Fiebing’s) keep their formulations proprietary and thereby unavailable for public review. There’s also the question of accessory shoe brushes. (Conditioner is better applied with a rag.) Because you will need separate brushes for each color, we recommend going cheap.

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How to Clean Shoes with Rope or Cork Wedges

Your shoe material will determine which method will work best. Although I have initially put together an all-encompassing guide on how to clean white shoes of all kinds, certain types need special care. Rubbing your shoes with any of the below solutions won’t work if your boots or shoes have caked-on dirt. So, with an old toothbrush or cleaning brush, and after allowing wet shoes to dry, brush away the dirt. Rather than jump right into my guide on how to make your white shoes white again, there are a few things to note before cleaning.

How to clean running shoes

You can wash suede shoes by hand with suede shampoo. If you can’t get rid of stains easily, mix 2 parts water with 1 part of your suede shampoo. Dip the bristles of your brush in the soapy water and gently work it over your entire shoe. Rinse your shoes with a paper towel and warm water, and blot them dry with a clean cloth. Then, just stuff your shoes with newspapers and let them air-dry completely. Canvas shoes are easy to care for since canvas is a firm, heavy weave fabric often made of cotton.

A soft brush is the best way to remove surface stains and dirt from suede shoes. If you own suede shoes that you wear on a regular basis, get in the habit of cleaning them after every wear. Brushing suede shoes regularly is a great way to prevent a buildup of dirt and stains.

Yellowing can also occur from regular wear and tear, or if sweat and dirt is embedded in the fabric or leather. Untie and remove the shoelaces so you can easily access all parts of the shoe. To loosen large bits of caked-on dirt or mud, take the shoes outside and knock the bottoms together. Use a dry toothbrush or small, soft-bristled brush to scrub the shoes and remove any remaining loose dirt. Be sure to brush along the rubber soles and outer edges of the tongue.

Here’s how to clean all types of canvas and fabric shoes properly by hand and by machine. Make sure to use a non-gel toothpaste that’s white. Baking soda works best if you’re trying to clean canvas, mesh, or fabric shoes. To clean the midsole, dampen a Magic Eraser, and use it to scrub the edge of the sole at the base of your shoe.

Try Kiwi Suede Waterproofer to prevent further stains or water damage to your suede sneakers. Keep the shoes indoors away from light and heat sources, which can cause discoloration or warping of the soles. If the faux leather has taken on a bad smell, sprinkle baking soda into the shoe, and let it sit for several hours or overnight before brushing or vacuuming it away.

No matter how clean you may be, your feet will still produce an unpleasant odor, especially if you wear the same pair of closed-toe shoes day in and day out. It doesn’t matter if you’re running, walking, or merely sitting all day long, your feet will naturally sweat — some people’s more than others.

Use a suede eraser to get rid of marks and scuffs. Apply gentle pressure and rub the eraser back and forth over the suede. As soon as you rub the eraser over the scuff, use your suede brush to smooth out the fabric and clean off the shavings.

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