Times are tough, and many people are looking for alternative ways to supplement their income or reduce their spending. Every day, more people are turning to freelancing as a solution to our current economic woes.

Many project managers, CEO’s, and business owners outsource some of their work to professional freelancers. If you’re considering joining the outsourcing community and earning a living through freelancing, keep reading. I’ll give you five helpful hints to get you started right.

Have some cash on hand before you begin.

Not everyone has the luxury of starting out with money saved up, but it would be very beneficial to you if you could save some money before diving into freelancing. Even if you are currently employed and only do freelancing as a side job, your creative juices will flow much more freely without the financial pressure.

Set Your Fees Carefully 

When determining what prices to charge for your services, it is critical to carefully consider various factors such as your skills and experience as well as what the market will bear. Many new freelance, eager to get as much work as possible, begin by setting their prices too low. While it may be advantageous to begin by charging less than others, be sure to first conduct research on what prices are currently being offered in your field. You don’t want to undersell yourself. Keep in mind that you are a reflection of those in your industry. Accepting a fee that is too low will have an impact on how others price their projects.

Take Full Advantage of the Internet

There are many excellent tools you can use online that will make your freelancing career more productive. Using time management tools will save you a lot of money and time.

Choose Where You Will Spend Your Time Working

Choose a location for your work. Do you have a home office free of distractions from others in which you can close the door, or is your “office” in a more central location such as the family room? You could even consider renting a desk in a small office. I saw an ad for such a deal in the local paper last week. A small computer company was renting out a desk space to a web designer in exchange for some side work. Wouldn’t that be ideal if you’re a web designer?

Network With Other Outsourcers

Get out there and meet new people! There are numerous great places to connect with others, both online and offline. Websites like Facebook, LinkedIn, and MeetUp are excellent online networking resources.

Most of us are sick of sacrificing our time for money in traditional jobbing and being bossed around by others. People are starting to realize that the internet allows them to work from home, set their own hours, and earn a real income.

So what is to avoid here? And what should you look for in a freelance or work from home opportunity

The three things you should avoid are as follows:

First and foremost, be wary of freelance opportunities that appear too good to be true.

The reason for this is that if an opportunity appears to be too good to be true, it most likely is. There is no such thing as ‘quick money’ or making money without putting in a lot of effort.

So, what exactly should you look for? Look for opportunities that allow you to do legitimate work from home. Work hard and you will be rewarded; however, nothing comes easily or for free.

Second, avoid freelance jobs that require significant financial investment.

To do freelance work from home, no large investments are required. An investment will be required. There is no such thing as a free freelance job. However, it should not be a large investment.

How do you know what size investment is appropriate? You most likely already have the majority of what you need to work as a freelancer. You may require some general office supplies and a calendar to keep you organized, but that’s all you’ll need for now. You may need to network with other freelance professionals and join a few forums and associations, but this should not be an expensive endeavor.

Last but not least, avoid freelance work that you do not enjoy, regardless of how well it is supposed to pay.

The truth is that if you do not enjoy your job, you will struggle in your new career. You will be ineffective as a freelance professional if you procrastinate and waffle in your decisions.


Three Critical Mistakes to Avoid When Searching For Freelance Job Opportunities